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I'm Mai Giménez

& I solve problems

I'm a freelance designer & illustrator who loves to code. How can I help you?

About me

Mai Giménez
Design + Illustration + Code

One of my favourite movies growing up was Pulp Fiction, and I loved Mr.Fox, the kind of person that you call when you need to solve a problem (whatever this is). As an adult, I face life with this attitude, like Mr Fox I solve problems (without the mafia part). I have studied a Master in Design and Illustration and another one in AI and machine learning because no one told me that one must choose between science and art.

I love theatre, even thought I am too shy to be an actress. Even though I agree with Morrissey that shyness is nice, but shyness can't stop you from doing everything in life you want to.

Oh! And I'm a proud member of the PSF and the Pyladies because let's face it who didn't want to write code in a language inspired by the Monty Python? Also, the first rule of the Zen of Python is "Beautiful is better than ugly", and I can live by this motto.

Let me solve your probems: hi@maigimenez.es

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